Since 2004 we have been dedicated to the Healthcare Industry continuing our mission of "Healthy People on a Healthy Planet".  We have successfully completed over 2,000 projects in 21 countries...About Us

Medical Imaging Systems

Bringing extreme value to each one of our clients with performance and economics at the forefront...


We purchase, sell, rent/lease refurbished systems with warranties and comprehensive service contracts.


Advanced Imaging

X-Ray & R/F

Women's Imaging

Scaling Your Referral Business

We understand you are in the business of medicine, allow us to handle the marketing to increase your patient flow...


We offer referral programs that grow your practice locations month-over-month leaving your staff 100% dedicated to the clinical side of life.


Typical ROI's are 6x+



Business Training & Coaching

We are certified trainers and coaches committed to empowering your vision of having a dream practice...


Choose from over 275 training modules to personalize your team's development journey. Building an extraordinary bench of talent to add to your success.


Leadership Development

Customer/Patient Services

Sales & Marketing


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