Healthy People On A Healthy Planet

One Company Makes a Difference...

Women's Health Initiative

This project impacted over 4 Million people in the world...

We began our work in Women's Diagnostic Health Care (Mammograghy, Ultrasound, Bone Density Systems) and within 4 years we were able to purchase, and install over 400 Mammography systems in underserved and impoverished communities around the world, thanks to our robust network of hospital clients, empowered internal staff, and our professional and committed engineers.

Disaster Relief & Charitable Initiatives

Our disaster relief efforts for the Earthquakes and Hurricanes in the Caribbean impacted over 11.4 Million people in the world...

We respond to organizations that need medical supplies, medical equipment, and other resources that are within our reach.  We utilize our partnership networks of Hospital Clients, Doctors Without Borders, Project Cure, Medical Imaging Dealer Network and many more generous business communities to fulfill upon as many requests as possible.

Environmental Initiatives

Our recycling and re-purposing of medical imaging equipment has saved over 1.78 million cubic feet of waste in our U.S. landfills.

By extending the life of a medical imaging system, we have assisted the country in reducing our carbon footprint.  Secondly, when a system is retired by one of our healthcare facilities, we extend it's life to bring better healthcare technology to underserved communities.  We leverage the power of our network of parts & service companies, refurbishment companies, and our international engineers to achieve our goals.