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Hospital Marketplace: ELVS offer fully refurbished systems with 12 month warranties and turnkey installations. 


Dealer Marketplace: ELVS offers 3 Options for systems:  "As-Is" , Refurbished, or Refurbished Turnkey. 

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Filtered back projection (FBP) is the most widely used method for image reconstruction in X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners. The presence of hyper-dense materials in a scene, such as metals, can strongly attenuate X-rays, producing severe streaking artifacts in the reconstruction. These metal artifacts can greatly limit subsequent object delineation and information extraction from the images, restricting their diagnostic value. This problem is particularly acute in the security domain, where there is great heterogeneity in the objects that can appear in a scene, highly accurate decisions must be made quickly.>>>See Brochure Below

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2004 Toshiba ExcelArt Vantage MRI Brochu[...]
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