Danny Needs A Kidney

Hi Everybody - Betsy Gordon the CEO of ELVS

Thank you for visiting this page about my nephew Danny Griffiths.  Danny was diagnosed last year with a genetic kidney disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) at the age of 36.  He is in stage 5 (the worst) renal failure and is seeking a donation of a kidney.  Here are the donor basic parameters:  Blood Type:  "O", Body Mass Index:  35% or less, Height of Donor: 5'4" or Taller.

Here is the link to register as a potential donor:  www.pslmc.com/signmeup      Reference: Daniel Griffiths   Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center:  (720)754-2155

Meet Danny, Carol, and Tyler...beautiful family right?

Their son Tyler is 12 years old and an act of divine generosity for a kidney donor means they can be together for a long time.


We realize this is an enormous "Ask" and one that can only be "Paid Forward"  to another family when we are called upon. 


Below are links to resources that you may like to have during your donor consideration stage:



If You Are Not a Candidate for Organ Donation and Would Still Like to Assist in Some Way for Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses That The Family is Incurring...

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