Small Business Advocacy

We Are Small Business Advocates          Your Success = Our Joy!   

  • Operations & Finances
  • Business Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Retention & Referral Programs

Operations & Finances

Master your operations and finances to build sustainability and improve your bottom line. 

  • P&L Auditing & Meaningful Use
  • Identifying Your Revenue Sweet Spots
  • Lean Expense Reduction & Management
  • Business Planning & Execution
  • Exit Strategies                              

Business Development

Increase your revenues utilizing smart technologies to build record-breaking sales.

  • Customer Acquisition Technologies
  • Effective Targeted Sales Strategies
  • Impact Branding & Collateral Materials
  • Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Leadership Training

How to build a solid team of outstanding  employees that go above & beyond.

  • Hiring Best Practices
  • Staff Development & Coaching
  • Team Recognition Programs
  • Interns Programs

Customer Retention & Referral Programs

If you don't know your cost for acquiring a customer, you will never know their value.

  • How To Acquire Customers
  • How To Retain Customers
  • How To Convert Customers
  • Client Incentive Programs

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