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"Nautilus Network"

The inseparable relationship of the part to the whole...


We believe that through collaboration, all things are possible.   We thank our clients and partners around the globe for giving  us the opportunity to continue to donate to charitable organizations and disaster relief efforts.

E.L.V.S. Donates To...


Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay - Their International Disaster Relief liaison Dr. Ali coordinates efforts to get medical equipment and supplies to disaster sites around the globe.


Catty Shack - “Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, forever home for endangered big cats, and to educate the public about their plight in the wild and captivity”.


Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration

Their mission is to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through education & research.


At Salvation Academy, we help our students to  make the best career decision through  training and employment services in industries like  Healthcare, Information Technology and Private Security Services.  Our Graduates achieve employment immediately upon graduation.

If you are a Non-Profit Organization that would like to be added to the ELVS Nautilus Network, contact us to discuss your current and ongoing needs  -  Contact ELVS

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