Building a Legacy


Our mission...

We empower individuals and companies to achieve their fiscal, philanthropic, and environmental goals.   In just 14 short years, we have successfully completed over 2000 projects in 21 countries.  


Business Development Division>> provides  expert small business support services to optimize your revenues, profits and overall efficiency.

  • Total Business Makeovers
  • IT and System Reviews
  • Executive & Staff Coaching


New & Refurbished Systems>>  are affordable and installed by professionally engineers.  All systems include a 12 month comprehensive warranty.     

  • Advanced:  CT, MRI, Cath Labs, Nuclear Medicine
  • X-Ray:  C-Arms, Portables, Radiographic,Fluoroscopy
  • Women's:  Mammography, Ultrasound, Bone Density
  • Peripherals:  CR, DR, Laser Imagers, Contrast Injectors


Philanthropic Legacy>>We believe that through collaboration, all things are possible.   We thank our clients and partners around the globe for giving  us the opportunity to continue to donate to charitable organizations and disaster relief efforts...


Green Initiatives>>Results from a 4-year study produced an astonishing result saving millions of cubic feet of landfill space in the United States...

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